Shelby American

Carol Shelby came from humble beginnings working as a chicken farmer in rural Texas. He quickly broke into the auto racing scene of the 1950’s by beating all the top-tier drivers of the era winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959. All while still wearing his chicken overalls.

Carroll had a heart condition that nearly killed him, forcing his retirement from racing. Carroll knew what made a car win, so he started Shelby American and assembled a rag-tag team of hot-rodders to execute his vision of building groundbreaking sports cars like the Shelby Cobra. Shelby also led Ford and the GT40 to multiple victories at Le Mans over Ferrari.

Shelby’s cars, driven by the greatest drivers in the history of racing, cemented Carroll Shelby’s legacy as one of the most iconic figures of automotive history. He is the only man to win Le Mans as both a driver and as a manufacturer to win the World Manufacturing Championship.

Running Time
100 minutes



United States of America

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