Dark Soccer

The story centers around the player Kadu, portrayed by Márcio Kieling. After a successful career on teams from Portugal and Spain, the athlete has a disastrous return to the Brazilian soccer. He decides to go back to his roots in more simpler fields at the outskirts. He seeks the help of his uncle, Jair (Nuno Leal Maia), an ex-athlete from the 70s that couldn’t get his life set by playing, to try and get back his passion and the excellency for the sport he knew and loved.
But the way back to the top – and to try and stay there – is filled of dangers. The problems that Kadu has to face start in his own family. Even without a contract with any team, he sees his spendings go up. That’s because his dad, Cedenir, a failed player from a minor league, decided to live at his son’s expenses.
The villainy continues with his ex-wife who gets financial benefits by emotionally exploiting the player. She’s even capable of forging physical aggression to put her ex-husband against the social networks’ jury, in case he doesn’t yield to her will. There is also the corrupt club’s president, Dr. Sangaletti, that seeks parliamentary immunity on his run for deputy, and Carniça, the leader of an organized crowd that does all the dirty work the president can’t, but needs.

Directed by
Paulo Nascimento

Executive Producer
Marilaine Castro da Costa and Paulo Nascimento


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