I'd Kill For You

A young man, grieving and lost over his father’s recent death, by chance meets a young woman with a strange request. She tells him he has a brother he never knew he had and that he should kill his newly found brother because she claims he had killed her mother and got away with the murder. Is she telling the truth? As the young man gets closer to finding out if this is his brother and if he should kill him for killing her mother, he must first decide who to trust and what to believe as he discovers nothing is simple once you go below the surface.

Directed by
Monika Wesley

Written by
Brandon Zinn

Story by
Monika Wesley, Brandon Zinn

Produced by
Monika Wesley, Brandon Zinn, Cami Winikoff, Mark Amin, Tyler Boehm

Original Music by
Stefan French, songs by Hannah Telle

Running Time
84 min

World Premiere at 2016 Dances With Films


Hannah Telle, Robert Hook, Eric Davis



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