Hello Again

Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s 1896 play, LA RONDE (DER REIGEN), and the 1950 Max Ophüls film, HELLO AGAIN is a musical that explores 10 fleeting love affairs across 10 periods in New York City history through 10 sex-fueled episodes that come together as one-boundary-pushing whole.

Originally produced by Lincoln Center Theatre, HELLO AGAIN was nominated for 8 Drama Desks, cementing the play as one of contemporary musical theatre’s most important voices. Since then, HELLO AGAIN has been performed by hundreds of theatre companies around the world.

Epic in emotional scope, while intimate in production scale, HELLO AGAIN is uniquely situated to explore the power and potential of musical cinema while showcasing the talents of 10 thrilling actors.

"A smart, beguilingly world-weary work. An entrancing musical. Subliminally infectious. The best original musical of the season.” - The New York Times

“An elegant daisy-chain of a musical. A soulful rumination on matters of the heartand loins. An emotional scope as wide as its temporal reach.” – Variety

Directed by
Tom Gustafson

Written by
Cory Krueckeberg

Produced by
Hunter Arnold

Running Time
105 mins


Sam Underwood, Nolan Gerard Funk, Jenna Ushkowitz

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