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Bob's Your Uncle is a boutique sales agency dedicated to guiding filmmakers to reach their greatest distribution potential. Established in 2016, the company was founded by Ken DuBow. Already the company has worked with Starz/LionsGate on Rob Reiner’s Toronto entry "Being Charlie" and "TeAta" through Paladin Pictures and Kino/Lorber.

Before Bob, DuBow managed Lightning Entertainment as Executive Vice President and transitioned the company to its corporate owners at the time, Larry Flynt Publications. DuBow was also at First Look Studios as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Distribution and served as President and CEO of Modern Entertainment, a wholly-owned, Los Angeles-based subsidiary of a Swedish media conglomerate, The Modern Times Group. The company's primary business was buying and selling film libraries. In 2005, in partnership with Modern Times Group, DuBow successfully sold Modern Entertainment's 324 title library to LionsGate Entertainment which included "Dirty Dancing" and the "Halloween" films. He has also held executive positions with MGM/UA and Disney in syndication, and Pandora Films in international film and TV program sales.

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